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Creatures that live in the air and the sea have always captured my imagination, inhabiting worlds so different from my own.

My love of the ocean began very early on. My mother dipped my toes into the sea in Cornwall, just days old, in place of a more traditional Christening. Water, and all the beautiful, incredible and sometimes unbelievable creatures that live in it have always inspired me to paint.

Birds, bees and butterflies seem to fly (and occasionally swim) into my paintings completely naturally. Sometimes they just appear to me from the paint splashes and I feel they were always meant to live there.


Pigeons and penguins are my favourites. Pigeons, so often reviled, are intelligent, courageous wee beasties, who survive in the bleakest of urban environments. Penguins, whilst awkward and funny on land, become the most graceful beings when under water.

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