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Birds, bees and butterflies seem to fly (and occasionally swim) into my paintings completely naturally. Sometimes they just appear to me from the paint splashes and I feel they were always meant to live there.


Pigeons and penguins are my favourites. Pigeons, so often reviled, are intelligent, courageous wee beasties, who survive in the bleakest of urban environments.


Penguins, whilst awkward and funny on land, become the most graceful beings when under water.

Where would I be now
I wonder if the world's so small
Is It That Hard To See That I Want You
And the Stars Look Very Different
Fill Another Glass If It Makes You More At Ease
Hearts Can Do No More
I Can't Think Of Right Words to Say
I'm Always thinking of you
This Dream's Too Amazing
The sound of your breath in the cold
Let the sunshine fall in
I'm singing to light up the sky for you
I'm Held In Your Arms
I think I want to kiss you soon
Help Me Lose My Mind
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