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In June 2021 our first child was born. During my pregnancy I documented my changing figure as he grew within me. Seeing and feeling my body grow was fascinating, and the most peaceful I have felt in my life.

We had hoped for a natural water birth. I had read up on everything and it seemed like the most supportive and calm way to bring our baby into the world. However, after 26 hours of contractions, the baby went into distress, my blood pressure rocketed and an emergency C-section was our only option. The baby was breach, I lost a bottle of wine's worth of blood and the whole thing was terrifying. None of that mattered though, as our beautiful, squishy, pink baby boy had finally and safely joined us.


Since his traumatic birth I have gradually found time and inspiration again, creating a series of self-portraits capturing intimate moments of us in the bath. Two naked, natural bodies, sharing the warmth of the water. I wonder if the beauty and comfort of these moments has helped heal both my physical and emotional scars, and recreate the mermaid haven I had once imagined.

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